Project Description

Keep the children entertained with this exciting bungee trampoline attraction which is hot on the market at the moment, it combines a bungee jump along with a trampoline, kids can now bungee jump risk free with 100% adrenaline rush! The bungee trampoline is not just for kids though, adults can have just as much fun (from 20 to 90 kg) as well as people with certain disabilities can try the bungee trampoline too!

Nobody needs to have any experience to use the bungee trampoline either, you can jump up to 10m high with no risks what so ever, you can’t do that on any ordinary trampoline.

You can hire one of our bungee trampoline attractions for your event or party to keep everyone entertained in an extreme sport whilst having plenty of fun. For more information about hiring costs and availability please contact us for more information.

Our bungee trampolines come complete with a fully trained operative.

Fully Public Liability Insurance
Test Certificated
Risk Assesment